Welcome to my new blog!

It has taken a while for someone who began in the newspaper business back in the lead type days to come around to the vast world of the emerging new technologies, but with the help and encouragement of friends, here it is – the Ruthington Post blog of Daniel Ruth.

I’m still learning how to work with this form, so please bear with me. I will probably spend the next few days playing around and experimenting. But in the future I hope to be posting a daily blog that will deal with all manner of issues, from politics, to popular culture to who knows what?

Stay tuned. Let’s see what the future holds.


17 responses to “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. I am so proud of my techno-husband!

  2. Nice to see you online and I look forward to your posts (experiments and all!)

  3. Judy Steinhaus

    I couldn’t be happier for you. GO DAN !!!!

  4. this is great news for Ruthians. may you have as much fun writing as we will reading.

  5. You blog, we’ll read. So far it’s been worth every penny.

    Regards to you and Anglea

  6. Dan, this is brilliant — as usual!

  7. Brilliant! And great for all of us who missed your column! Way to go!

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  10. Whew, I’ve missed your informed savaging of those sorely in need of it. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  11. Good to see you here. I just found out from @poho Wayne’s tweet. Add a twitter link when you can.

    Of course, NOW I’ll have more to print because my mother is paper-based and will want to keep up!

  12. Well, nice surprise, thanks to poho for more good poop from group… let ‘er rip Danno!

  13. What the Hell is going on here?!? First Facebook and now a freakin’ blog!!! Say It Ain’t So, Dan.

  14. Dan — welcome to the blogosphere. The rules are different here than in the traditional media, as I am sure you are about to learn.

    One difference I wanted to bring to your immediate attention is that blogging works both ways. You may be the big time journalist at the St. Petersburg Times, but in the blogosphere, you’re one in a million. One of the pitfalls I have seen is when traditional journalists set up a blog, they fail to get involved with the blogosphere (I think this was one of the problems with Howard’s blog). They just write, but don’t participate. Well, that’s not how it works here. We’re not looking for just an online version of a columnist, we’re looking for a colleague.

    So look around, link up with the other local bloggers, lest you be savaged by us. Integrate horizontally, rather than vertically.

    Again, welcome.

  15. wow I can’t beat what st petersblog had to say. And it’s a little sexy … *just kidding.

    Welcome to the world. We’re still trying to save journalism and the print news so don’t give up on that yet !!!! We can’t be without print news no matter what anyone in the blogosphere says.
    Too much revisionist history in the blogosphere and not enough people taking responsibility for facts. Those old poopy thangs.
    BUT I know you won’t be like that and that’s why I’m here.
    Good luck to you.
    So glad to see you out and about …. I thought howard’s blog was doing okay but bad old me I’ve been too busy to go by there. Howard is an engaging fellow I don’t know why it wouldn’t.

  16. Congratulations from Tampa Rail Dan! The keyword for a successful blog is to be engaging. Be a character, be wrong, fail, succeed, do porn!, but, be engaging at all costs. Out here it’s all about the talent, which, naturally, gives you a leg up right off the bat. Some of these early posts have me chuckling already. I’m taking the RSS baby.


  17. Love the blog. Congrats btw on being named in CL’s Best of the Bay 2009. Awesome.

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