Doc? Leave The “Satire” To The Pros

For the record Dr. David McKalip wants everyone to know he really isn’t a racist pig. Really he’s not, cross his heart and hope to die, honestly, really, no kidding. Trust him on this one.

Well, whatever Doc, but we can all probably agree, McKalip is a huge raving, imbecile from central casting.

Besides, how could anyone remotely suggest McKalip has any prejudicial tendencies? After all, he only sent out an e-mail message to bunch of his pals, including an image  depicting President Barack Obama as a witch doctor in a loin cloth with a bone through his nose with the words “ObamaCare, coming soon to a clinic near you.”

“I am not a racist,” McKalip insisted as his racist email went viral. No, of course not.

Well, that works for me. How about you?

How could anyone remotely construe as racist depicting any black man, not to mention the president of the United States, in a stereotypical image as a witch doctor, complete with a bone through his nose? No doubt, this was meant as  nothing more than good, clean fun.  

McKalip has become an active participant in opposing the Obama Administration’s efforts to reform health care in the United States. He also helped organize the right-wing inspired “tea party” rallies in Florida in recent months. And the good doctor – who is not a racist by the way – is also president-elect of the Pinellas County Medical Association in addtion to serving on the board of the Florida Medical Association.

How proud these groups must be to have this non-racist helping to lead their organizations.

Eventually, when he was held up across the rest of the nation as the poster child for – to put it kindly – racial insensitivity, McKalip grudgingly apologized for being a creep, but not before trying to weasel out of his predicament by arguing to the St. Petersburg Times he was being accused of racism simply because “I’ve been so effective in pointing out how the government plans are going to hurt patients in very serious ways … the only way they can neutralize my message is to discredit me personally.”

Not really, Doc. You pretty well neutralized your message by delivering it through a cyber hood.

Please. There is no question there is plenty of fair debate to be had over the Obama health reform proposals.

But for someone who presumably is a medical professional to resort to racially inflamatory images to make his case in opposition to the health care bill might suggest the good doctor is terminally dense.

This was no more a a piece of satire than painting a swastika on a synagogue and marching up and down in front of the  temple in a brown shirt and jackboots with a straight arm salute. Hardy-har-har.

McKalip blamed “liberals” for the backlash to his email, which would seem to be awfully cowardly.

Indeed, there is no evidence Al Franken put a gun to McKalip’s head and forced him against his will to send out a racist email; no evidence Bill Maher slapped the doctor around until he agreed to depict Obama with a bone in his nose; no evidence Jon Stewart absconded with McKalip’s children until he agreed to picture the president in a loin cloth.

Nope, sorry Doc, you did that allllllll on your own.

You did the damage to your integrity, your reputation, your standing in the medical profession.

And now it is up to you to heal yourself.


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