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Not Dead Yet

To the vast audience of two or three readers of these scribblings out there, my apologies for not posting more frequently. Frankly, I simply haven’t had the time.

Such is the price of being a graduate student.

Since January, I’ve been rushing to complete my studies for a masters in mass communications out at USF, which as any of you who have been down this path yourselves know, involves considerable reading and writing many, many papers. And along with teaching out at the university and preparing my Times column, well, there simply hasn’t been much time to dedicate to this blog.

To date, I’ve complete 30 hours of course work and have only one more cognate course (in education), my comps and the completion of my thesis and at long last I’ll be finished.

At the moment, I have  a brief respite before the fall term begins and so at the urging of the Bombshell of the Balkans, I’ll try to post a bit more frequently to the one or two readers who every  now and then visit this space.

Three quick idle thoughts.

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Schorr on a several occasions when he either spoke to or was a guest at the Holocaust Remembrance Esssay Project banquet that the Sunflower of Saks organizes every year in Washington.  He was a  very charming man and with his passing, we are once again reminded of those old glory days when CBS News was indeed the crown jewel of broadcast journalism.

Also, two book recommendations. I just finished reading “A Traitor To His Class,” a wonderful book by the historian H.W. Brands on the life and times of FDR. If you are a history buff, this should be a must read.

And finally, Alexander Zaitchik’s book on Glenn Beck-  “Common Nonsense – Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance” is a terrific book on this certifiably insane and dangerous silly person. And – ahem – the book also includes a brief section on my dealings with Beck, which constitutes a shameless plug.

So while I’m at it, I should also mention I’m included as well in Kitty Kelley’s new book on Oprah – shameless plug two.

I’ll try to weigh in later this week for the dining and dancing pleasure of the none of the regular visitors to this space.