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Mein Dummkopf

Maybe it is a matter of age. Maybe I’m just getting grumpier.

But the older I get, the bigger a particular pet peeve of mine continues to grow and annoy.

With the passage of time, it has become ever more socially acceptable – and rarely challenged – for people to treat World War II and the extermination of six million Jews in the Holocaust as little more than a punchline.

The latest is movie director Oliver Stone, who sees a conspiracy behind every box of popcorn. Meeting with a bunch of critics the other day, Stone argued the murder of six million Jews in Hitler’s ovens gets so much attention simply because of Jewish control over the mass media.

Uh, not quite. The murder of six people innocent people gets so much attention because – now pay attention Ollie – it involved the murder of SIX MILLION people. Sheesh!

But wait! Stone wasn’t even remotely finished, suggesting Hitler, while yeah sure a craze, ┬áhideous villain, also had his bright side, too, who had a lot of support from the world’s industrialists. “Hitler is an easy scapegoat,” the noted historian Oliver Stone continued. “We can’t judge people are only bad or good.”

Now that sort fo logic might apply to your mother-in-law, but Adolf Hitler is certainly in a class by himself.

Because of this single man, the world was plunged into a nightmare it still has not fully recovered from, resulting in the deaths of tens of millions of people.

This sort of stuff, echoed far too frequently, sadly demonstates what a woeful misunderstanding of history so many people have today.

We see it in our political discourse, with Barack Obama often compared to Nazism. Insanity.

To disgree with Obama on health care, or the stimulus, or any other public policy is just swell. But Obama hasn’t sent anyone off to an oven, or annexed Austria or brought the world to the brink of conflict. He just wants a universal health care system folks – that’s it.

The tragedy of Oliver Stone’s stupidity is that he’s hardly a lone – ignorant voice. And if you don’t believe that, come read my email sometime. If you have the stomach for it.